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Address: 12 Kutuzovskiy prospekt, building 1, Moscow, Russia






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You can shoot from real AK-47 (Kalashnikov), Dragunov and Mosin sniper rifles, famous pistols Glock 17, CZ-75 and russian police pistols Makarov and Yaryugin.

Want to shoot long distance? Not a problem! We have powerfull Hatsan PCP-rifles, light-weight IZH and even authentic Winchester musket.  

Try recurve or compound bows. We have both sport and educational models. If you want something special - we've got traditional bows.

Shoot Excalibur and Interloper crossbows! We have recurve and compound models. 

We have a lot of famous pistols and revolvers: Beretta M92FS, Colt 1911, CZ-75, Glock 17, Smith & Wesson, Makarov, TT and many more.