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  • One of the most technologically advanced compound crossbows. It stands out for its moderate width  but impressive length and weight of 4.4 kg, so men are more likely to choose this model. “Archon” shoots 50 cm long bolts at 115 meters per second! Despite such penetrative impact power, this crossbow has low kickback – stable enough for a child to handle it. For long distance accuracy, the “Archon”model is equipped with a telescopic sight that excels competition.
  • A high tension and easy to load crossbow model with an average weight (3.2 kg) that allows easy firing by both men and women. The range of this weapon is enough to hit a 50 cm diameter target from 45 meters in a heartbeat. “Cayman” is equipped with an optical sight for firing at a long distance with pinpoint precision. The high density plastic barrel and stock with wood-grain finish that combines comfort with style.
  • This is a heavy construction crossbow for men with a size that accommodates the half-meter long bolts fired from this juggernaut. It shoots in a similar way as “Archon”. In fact, Leopard is an improved Russian variation of a top selling Taiwanese “Lighting“ crossbow, which indicates highest quality, the convenience, and the penetrating power of this model. Easy to cock, the “Leopard” has advanced designing that promotes easy and extended duration firing.  This crossbow is equipped with a two-way fuse for left-handed and right-handed archers. Versatile and Powerful, the “Leopard” is a must for serious hunters.
  • An extra lightweight (2.2 kg) model preferred by children and women. It has a sturdy stock designed for comfort and grip, which eases aiming for beginners.