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  • Pistol is the copy of Czech CZ-75 Compact, has plastic handle and steel slide bolt. Ergonomically designed and relatively light-weight for air guns (only 600 g) the gun lays well in arm. After a short-term adaptation period the pistol demonstrates very high precision.  The pistol has 16 balls magazine, does not have Blow Back system.
  • Weapon of American cops and superheros – the exact copy of army pistol Beretta. The pistol differs from other weapon with fabulous beauty and reality – only orange mark at the barrel reminds that it’s air gun. Has substantive weight – 1.2 kg why could be heavy for women. For more efficiency  the model is equipped with telescope sight. The pistol has 8 bullet magazine, does not have Blow Back system.
  • Made in Germany Umarex SA-177 presents the copy of famous Glock – well-known from the cop-dramas and computer games pistol. Pistol has Blow-Back function thanks to what you feel a bolt back blow after each shot like from real guns. It makes starters shooters elated.  The pistol has 19 steel balls magazine and one pressurized air balloon is enough for 100 shots.