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  • This model from famous Turkey manufacturer Hatsan can be classify as a serious air rifle for adults – it has 3 kg weight and the length more than 1 m. Ergonomically  designed nutwooden stock arises sensation of military weapon. Club has rubber ventilated butt pad for recoil absorption.  The model is single-shot and has both manual and automatic cocking safety and anti bear-trap safety, so possibility of an accidental shoot is almost eliminated.
  • This model from famous Turkey manufacturer Hatsan differences from classic rifles with its stylish designed synthetic stock with raised forearm grip – for ones who consider wooden rifles too old-fashion. Synthetic material makes it possible to change stock length of pull what is the lack of wooden models. Hatsan 85 F has heavy weight and is classified as hunting weapons. This model lets to feel pleasant heaviness and power.
  • PCP-air rifles contain pressurized air so it eliminates need to cock a tight spring lock with break of barrel. Thanks to that Hatsan AT44-10 is good for women and children who could be tired quickly from the break barrel rifles. Air cylinder tube is located under the barrel so the rifle is very compact and only 1 m length. This model has 10-shot magazine and for precise shooting we adjusted it with USA Leapers optic sight.
  • For women and youth PCP-air guns are the best choice because of balloon with pressurized air instead of a tight spring which has to be cocked after each shot. Hatsan AT44PA is the most “brutal” version of AT44-10 range. The air rifle has 10-shot rotary magazine in .177 (4.5mm) and .22 (5.5mm) calibers and 9-shot rotary magazine in 25 (6.35mm) caliber and 9 x time multiplication optic sight OPTIMA 3-9x32.
  • This is a light-weight air rifle originally was developed for sportsmen and getting started shooters that’s why IZH-6 will be easy and convenient even for children, for young shooters it’s possible to adjust the length of the club. IZH – 61 has 5 x shot capacity magazine and spring piston power plant that again says about convenience of this gun for beginners who will take an air rifle for the first time.